Heated Snow Melting Walkway Mat - Standard/Long - 20"x60"

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Heated Outdoor Snow Melting Mat

An outdoor heated walkway mat is exactly what you need to start enjoying your snow days again. Use this standard/long outdoor heated floor mat to cover your walkways. This mat will melt snow at a rate of 2" (5 cm) per hour, accounting for even the heaviest storms. The water from the melted snow evaporates right off the mat. Put these mats to work at any time of day or night. Wake up to find your walkways clear of snow and ice without any effort on your part. No installation required, just lay them down and plug them in and these mats are designed to be left out all winter.  

This walkway mat is designed to either standalone or connect with other HeatTrak heated walkway or stair mats using its own watertight connectors.

    • Size: 20" x 60" | Amps: 2.5

    • Melt Rate: 2” (5 cm) per hour

    • Warranty: 2-year manufacturer's warranty

    • Watertight Connector Cable Length: 4"

    • Surface Material: Customized Thermoplastic

    • Connects to the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (which is part of the Power Unit, provided separately)

    • Wondering if the mats can be used on composite decking? Read here for all the answers!

      This product requires one Power Unit (for every 13 amps) to connect the system to an electrical outlet. For example, a total of 5 walkway mats can be connected on a single Power Unit to cover a 25 foot walkway. **For your convenience, Power Units will be automatically added to your cart during the checkout process based on the items in your order, or you can add them manually here.**

      HeatTrak mats are for snow melting only. Never cover mats. Do not use indoors. Do not use inside pet houses. Residential Mats can only connect to Residential Mats. They do not connect to Industrial Products.